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By lameldeckd1998 23 Sep, 2017

Easy to Set Up Scripts

Developers of PHP scripting make sure that the script they are making can be used by people with different levels of development experience. It already comes with various functionality, options, widgets, and a lot more that will make setting up the website much easier.

A PHP website script provides a lot of flexibility in creating the web design. Beginners will love the framework that comes with the script. It allows users to add more content with ease. Users with more advanced web development experience can use a PHP code as a starting point for the website. They can modify the code to make it do what they want it to do.

Wide Range of Choices

There are lots of PHP scripts on the market today. If you already have a particular design or functionality, then browse our products to find the right one for your website. There`s a description of what a script can do, which will make it easier to find the right one for the task .With lots of choices, the most difficult part of using PHP website script is to find the one that best fits the needs of the project.

Frequent Updates

When you buy a PHP code, you will receive support and updates for the future. That way you don`t need to worry about bugs and other issues that might come up over time. There are instances in which updates to scripts might break the design, and that is one area customer support can be helpful.

Built-In Functionality

PHP scripts have been designed to perform certain functions. For instance, buying the Product Review Script will allow the website to accept product reviews and customer ratings. Then there are common features that include search, social sharing, and contact forms. Make sure that the script is already SEO friendly.

Low Prices

PHP scripting can be expensive, especially if you hire a freelancer to do it for you. On the other hand, a PHP website script is cost effective in more ways than one. The costs of development and setup are offset by the built-in features. Plus, it is still much cheaper compared to paying a developer to do your custom website from scratch.

These are the things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to PHP scripts. Building a website is a complicated process that involves lots of decisions to make. Before choosing a product from AM Scripts, be sure that you already know what you want the website to achieve. This will make it easier to find the right script for the project.

By lameldeckd1998 23 Sep, 2017

The Best Product Review Script

If you are running an e-commerce site online, you will obviously want to know your loyal customer’s feedbacks and reviews. A product review script is the ideal web tool that will allow your customers to do this on your website. But, it is important for you to find a reliable script that will work efficiently without troubles. Today, when it comes to a good php product review script , there is an assortment of choices available for you. But, it is important to find the best one out of them. AM Scripts provides the best product review script that allows customers to share their experience very conveniently.


In order for you to get this php product review script form AM, you need a version of the database MySQL that is version 5 or higher. Also, your PHP version should also be 5 or higher than five in order for you to install this. While they are the crucial requirements, you all need to have Apache Mod_Rewrite enabled in the system with the enable cURL. AM product review script also needs GD Image Library for it to function.

Featured Benefits

AM product review script can be easily customised and is a 100% unencrypted source code. Once you purchase this, you will get free updates and a helpful support for a period of up to one year. You can also engage in designing your own brand with no extra charge at all. This php product review script which is built with HTML5 and CSS3 has many advantages for an e-commerce site. It will create brand awareness and enhance quality while boosting sales for your business.

Immense FrontEnd and BackEnd Features

One of the reasons why customers of AMS Scripts love this php product review script is its inbuilt features. Some of the prominent front-end features are it consists a fully responsive layout, SEO friendly URLs and a login and register system. The users are able to provide products and reviews while rating them out of 5. There are product categories and subcategories with search features and social sharing ability.

On the other hand, the back-end features a responsive admin pane, a user management system and a website settings action. Also, the admins have the ability to enable manual or auto selection to approve the submitted products and reviews. There are separate management systems for products, reviews, and advertisement in this amazing php product review script.

AM product review script offers its customers so many exciting features which make this an attractive, user-friendly script. Reviewers are able to make their evaluation based on multifaceted, predefined criteria which make rating really easy. This version 1.0.0 is available at a very affordable cost for you to purchase and will improve the credibility of your online site. It is proven to be very useful for both clients and service providers as it is a very versatile web tool. So, if you ever need to purchase a good php product review script, look no further than this great product. AM scripts have always provided the best solutions for e-commerce sites.

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